A Single Man (2009)

Colin Firth really shines in this excellent debut effort from director Tom Ford.

Everything is of such a high level of quality here that I really admire how well a first-time director managed to make every element of the film so unified and of such singular vision. It’s so gorgeous. Restrained and deliberate, yet earnest and heartfelt. The score, the costuming, the production design, the acting, the use of colour, it’s all so perfect.

The most compelling part of the movie to me was the fascinating use of colour. Certain shots very noticeably and deliberately shift in hue and saturation. It’s such an interesting and unique method of visual storytelling. When Colin Firth’s character makes a real sort of connection with someone, colour bleeds into the frame, everything pops and looks more beautiful. Other frames of mind see other colour schemes. It’s a gorgeous technique in its own right, and a really unique and appropriate way to communicate the feelings of the protagonist.


I give it four fox terriers, and a pencil sharpener.

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