Loving (2016)

A very measured, restrained, and lovely depiction of very real relationship. I was really impressed how lowkey director Jeff Nichols’ approach was. He never really goes down any easy, dramatic routes, instead doing his best to portray the actual strength of the relationship pictured.

The performances are great, especially Ruth Negga’s, although the passivity of the ‘characters’ sometimes drags down the pacing (although I do think it was the right choice to keep the film so focused on them, rather than the larger events happening around, and because, of them).


I liked how the film captured, on every level, the way “ordinary” people can change the world by being true to themselves, rather than charting the dramatic material caused from their existence. Definitely an interesting approach that subverts any of the sort of “Oscar bait” conventions someone might expect from this sort of film.

I give it three and a half bricks, and a photographer.

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