Sunshine (2007)

The sensory experience of watching “Sunshine” is almost overwhelming, in a good way, with all Danny Boyle’s flashiness and visual creativity doing a great job of making what is essentially a pretty thin story into a visceral, memorable film that transcends its obvious influences.

I really love the religious and spiritual elements of this film, the way it portrays the sun, the increasingly surreal and off-kilter visuals as the story gets closer and closer to the sun and time and space begin to warp in strange ways.


I’m not as big a fan of the litany of standard science-fiction conventions used throughout. I’m ambivalent on some of the story, I like the cast and music a lot, but really, it’s the direction more than anything that appeals to me here. It’s an inconsistent work of science-fiction, but a great work of cinema. I give it three and a half oxygen reserves, and a genre shift.

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