King Kong (1976)

Jeff Bridges is charming as ever in this, but for the most part it’s a bland, uninspired, lazy remake.

Transplanting the original film’s story to the 1970s and throwing in some half-baked “modern” issues doesn’t make for a good film, and the tonal issues prevent it from being even just a consistent one.

Skull Island itself looks really great in this one, and some of the altered premise was interesting. The performances in the film were average at best. Bridges is likable as ever but gets nothing interesting to play. Jessica Lange is flat-out bad. The sexual tension between Kong and her is played really weirdly in this film too…robbed of any of the mythic tone of the original, it comes across as very forward and offputting. Characters literally argue about Kong’s intention to rape her in this film, with those words. Yet the film shoots for a more comic, light-hearted tone than the original. It’s just a mess.


This remake adds little new, and takes away plenty of what made the original film work. I give it one fog bank, and an ancient wall.

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