King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

I watched the US cut of this film. Apparently it’s quite a different film than the Japanese version.

The US version’s many insertions of newly shot scenes, stock footage, dubbed dialogue, altered music, all add up to quite a different film. The framing device of a news broadcast feels kind of pandering in a way. You can sense there’s a storyline getting messed around with, from the original Japanese version. That original Japanese version certainly has a lot elements that are very…dated.

Story, editing, music, aside, how is the titular fight? It’s okay. The novelty of seeing the two monsters fight is enjoyable, but neither look their best. Not at all. It’s fun to approach from a comic sense though. Has a certain sense of charm.


I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t already sure they’d enjoy it from the title alone. It’s an incomprehensible hacked-up mess. Still, it has its charms. I give it one and a half miniature tanks, and a plated dinosaur.

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