Son of Kong (1933)

This film certainly feels like a rushed, quickly churned-out sequel capitalising on the great success of the original “King Kong” film. It’s very short, retreads so much ground from the original, and just overall feels very cheap and repetitive.

That said, there are actually some really interesting elements in the story that I wish were expanded upon more. Following Carl Denham after the events of the original film is fascinating, and I like the change in tone from the more mythic, fable-like quality of the original, to a more glum, stressful, “realistic” tone here. Of course, that’s thrown out when the plot kicks into gear, but it was interesting to see in the film’s early moments.


Denham wrestling with guilt over Kong was an interesting angle, and I wish that had more play. Instead, we get a bunch of effects-driven sequences that, while impressive for the time, don’t measure up to any in the original. The narrative runs out of what little steam it had fast. There really isn’t much left. There’s a seed of an interesting film here, but it’s never given sunlight or water. I give it one and a half court summons, and a gas bomb.

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