King Kong: Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries (2005)

A very insightful, energetic, and fun look into the production of Peter Jackson’s 2005 “King Kong” remake.

Jackson really goes the extra mile with fan engagement, his lengthy “Appendices” special features for his “The Lord of the Rings” adaptations a highpoint. He’s extremely earnest, which is very likeable, and the way he walks through various elements of the production is fascinating.

While most of the production diaries are just insightful, there are quite a few hilarious ones too – the Gandalf stalker, Jack Black’s concerns about his height, Jackson’s thoughts on the name “Ignaz”, plans for sequel films, Andy Serkis turning the tables on the production diary crew, Bryan Singer’s appearance, the list goes on and on!


Both educational and an enjoyable, warm experience, it’s definitely one of the better supplemental documentaries I’ve seen. I give it three and a half rushes, and a “bigature”.

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