Ghost in the Shell Arise – Border 2: Ghost Whispers (2013)

The second in the “Arise” reimagined “Ghost in the Shell” film series. Stylistically very similar to the first film – a plot-heavy, action-focused rejigging of the basics of the “Ghost in the Shell” characters and setting. Competently made but not particularly imaginative or captivating.

Some elements of the fantastic 1995 movie are referenced or reinterpreted here, notably the Major’s underwater scene from that film. A sight gag from the “Tachikoma Days” minisodes from “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” is referenced in the form of a spider-tachikoma, or Tachikoman. These references are fun but also serve as a kind of reminder there are superior imaginings of this universe.


This film sees a more typical cyberpunk aesthetic and setting than the more visually and narratively inventive setting even of “Stand Alone Complex”, let alone the 1995 film. This particular entry in the film series primarily focuses on car chases and traffic encounters. Enjoyable enough, but not as thought-provoking as the 1995 film, to the point where the dilution of the Major’s character is starting to feel pretty odd. I give it two and a half false memories, and a swinging Tachikoma.


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