Alien: Resurrection (1997)

When I wished that “Alien 3” had creatively innovated on “Alien” and “Aliens”, maybe switching genres again, I…didn’t mean this. The dorky tone of “Alien: Resurrection” is so bizarre. The strange lines of the script are delivered so strangely. Was Joss Whedon really the appropriate writer for an “Alien” movie? Even if he was, why are his lines delivered in such a stilted style, instead of the quippier way they work best in?

The premise is somewhat incomprehensible, and the film’s existence never feels justified, but some of the plot’s direction feels like a logical follow-up from the earlier films in finally depicting what would happen if an alien was experimented on instead of just killed. But, of course, it devolves into a typical rehash of “Alien”, with all the requisite chase scenes and “scares”. The setting, in terms of time, feels like a bizarre move as well as a waste, since nothing interesting is really done with it, and it strands the movie so far from the preceding films that there’s less logical ways to follow up on them.


I complain that the themes and ideas of “Alien 3” aren’t a sensible follow-up to the first two films, but at least it was exploring themes and ideas at all. “Alien: Resurrection” is so half-baked in its treatment of clones, genetic manipulation, and whatever else it’s about, that it feels more like a vague hand-wave towards science-fiction tropes than an earnest attempt at doing anything with its ideas. A few decent body horror scenes don’t make a good movie. I give it half a clone, and a hybrid.

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