More Things That Happened (2007)

“Inland Empire” was already three hours long, but this collection of deleted material still runs at a fairly lengthy hour and fifteen minutes.

Unlike “The Missing Pieces”, the very carefully and deliberately presentation of deleted material from “Fire Walk With Me”, “More Things That Happened” doesn’t transcend its status as special features to become kind of a valid feature in its own right.

More Things That Happened

The scenes aren’t bad – some of that feel vital enough that I’d have appreciated their inclusion in the actual film – but “Inland Empire” already ran so long that I don’t see everything could have been unified satisfactorily.

It also clarifies a lot of the narrative purpose of “Inland Empire”. I’m unsure if that’s a good thing or not, given the nature of that film.

It’s a strong enough collection of deleted scenes, but never comes together in any way to feel like more than just a set of special features. I give it three watches, and a fable.

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