The Monarch of the Glen (2003) by Neil Gaiman

A short and sweet novella set after “American Gods”. It felt like a very organic continuation, perhaps due to how episodic “American Gods” already was, but being so short if felt more naturally like a fairy tale or small bit of folklore in a way that only the “coming to America” segments in “American Gods” regularly did.

Implications from the ending of “American Gods” are made explicit here, perhaps as set-up for an eventual full sequel, but even just in the context of this novella, the revelations work nicely. The setting, Scotland, is a welcome change from America, and Gaiman is as good here at playing with local myths and the “feel” of a setting as he ever is.


It’s not really vital but it’s certainly a very natural, fitting extension of “American Gods”, and I enjoyed it rather a lot. I give it three monsters, and a stick of mistletoe.

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