The Mummy (2017)

A surprisingly thorough misfire.

Even Tom Cruise can’t really elevate this film beyond its mess. Russell Crowe has fun at least, but feels like he’s in an entirely different film (perhaps a much better one) than the rest of his co-stars. His humour and sense of camp is enjoyable, and feels fitting to a “Universal monster movie cinematic universe”, but Tom Cruise is ill-served by an oddly grim main plot. Sofia Boutella does good work as the titular mummy, and the flashbacks to her time are a highlight of the film, but director Alex Kurtzman spends too much time in the much more dull present day storyline.


Kurtzman does hold to his tried-and-true story tools of magic blood and setting up future franchise films at the expense of the quality of the one actually being written, but that’s not really to the favour of the film itself. I give it two rubies, and a dagger.

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