Black Dog (2015) by Neil Gaiman

After the more diverse entries of “Anansi Boys” and “Keepsakes and Treasures” into the world of “American Gods”, Gaiman follows up on the first direct sequel novella “The Monarch of the Glen” with another short piece featuring Shadow Moon. Gaiman’s style of making lots of keen observations about a nation’s attitude fits his native England very well here, perhaps more naturally than it did America and Scotland in Shadow’s previous stories.


I very much enjoyed the barghest in the story as it’s a bit of folklore I was more familiar with than a lot of the other myths in his previous works, and Gaiman explored it as well as he does any myth he sets his mind to. The (titular) depression in the story is explored in such a way that retroactively characterises Shadow in “American Gods” a bit more interestingly. Quite a good addition to the series overall. I give it three whisky macs, and a dire wolf.

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