Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009)

“Dead Like Me” returns, hellbent on inflicting as much exposition on viewers as possible.

[There are no spoilers in this review beyond the premise.]


A TV movie follow-up to the series, five years after the second season was broadcast, for the most part it works fairly well for what it is. It didn’t lead to a revival of the series, but is a nicer send-off than the flat second season finale.

There are some baffling decisions (why recast Daisy instead of just using a different character, or using some of the established mythology to justify a change in her appearance), but the writing is generally better than the show’s post-Fuller episodes. The subplots actually intertwine in a way that works and makes sense.

The George’s family subplot actually is vital here, instead of a meandering untethered nuisance the way it was in most of the show’s episodes. George’s sister works much better as a character here, and George herself plays much better having her sarcasm and abrasiveness comparatively dialled down.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed “Dead Like Me: Life After Death” but I certainly think it was a competent piece of television that ended the series appropriately. I give it one and a half gravelings, and a daisy.

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