Logan Lucky (2017)

An enormously enjoyable, empathetic, carefully constructed heist film. Soderbergh does such a great job injecting humanity into the film in a lowkey way, without ever making it feel maudlin, let alone anywhere near patronising. Everything in the film feels honest and earned.

The cast seem to be completely in-tune with Soderbergh’s style, Channing Tatum and Adam Driver doing excellent (and convincing) work as the brotherly pair leading the film, and Daniel Craig stealing the show as the hilarious Joe Bang.


Everything in the film just works, it’s so relaxing to watch a film where the director is in total control and nothing goes even slightly awry. Even the plot is surprisingly free from much in the way of external conflict – there’s dramatic tension, of course, but never to a stressful extent. Enough to make the story work, not enough to stop the film feeling so damn comfy.

The film runs a tad long, but I never tired of watching it. I give it three and a half umbrellas, and a bag of gummy bears.

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