Blade Runner 2048: Nowhere to Run (2017)

The third and final of the online prequel short films released in the lead-up to Blade Runner 2049’s release. Ridley Scott deployed a similar marketing strategy with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. His son Luke Scott directs this particular prequel, the closest chronologically to the Blade Runner sequel itself, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Like the other prequel directed by Luke Scott, the direction here is pretty choppy, especially in the confusingly-mounted action sequence. Interestingly, this prequel has more continuity with the original Blade Runner film in some respects than the actual feature film sequel…the cramped, neon-drenched street set is an iconic sort of cyberpunk location the sequel didn’t really use, whereas it’s the centrepiece of this short online prequel.


Dave Bautista’s performance in this and the actual Blade Runner 2049 film is fantastic. Unfortunately, he’s surrounded by cliche plotting and muddy direction here, so he doesn’t shine as much as he does in the film itself. The editing really lets things down here, which is a shame because the set design is interesting. Really, none of the three prequels were necessary, the film itself handles its own backstory just fine, but then, these were as much marketing as anything else. Two Graham Greene books, and a lost file.

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