Doctor Who: Genocide (1997) by Paul Leonard

This novel has a strong premise that plays well into this Doctor’s characterisation, but as with the poorer entries in this range, squanders its potential and elects to instead descend into plumbing the depths of the show’s continuity. Remember this? Remember that? Remember UNIT, Benton, remember Jo Grant? Remember Doctor Who having unique, iconic eras of its own that forged their own identities instead of endlessly coasting off other’s? At this point it’s clear this is a flaw systemic to the range. I only hope the range is eventually steered in a more original direction.


It’s a shame, because some of the concepts in the novel would have been worth expanding on. There’s tired elements like the heavy-hitting continuity references and a cliche framing device, but telling an ostensibly environmentalist story works very well for companion Sam, and genocide is always an interesting issue to see a Doctor react to. Two Tractites, and a returned companion.

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