The Room (2003)

It’s difficult to really categorise “The Room” as a “bad” film when it’s clearly coming from a place so far off from other films.

The way the cast grapples with the bizarre dialogue and writing, so singularly a product of Tommy Wisaeu’s vision, gives off a very Lynchian vibe, their earnest attempts to deliver the dialogue and enact what Wisaeu wanted from them doesn’t feel misjudged so much as unsettling.


If the basis of comedy is relief – punchlines collapsing a set-up, laughter as a relief from anxiety – it’s no surprise so much of the film that could be taken as unsettling in that Lynchian sort of way instead comes across as hilarious.

It never feels glib, or cynical, or like it’s winking at the audience, and that earnestness is what lets people really invest in it and laugh. It’s uniquely alluring. Surreal. Whatever else it is, it’s an enjoyable, memorable experience. Three and a half spoons, and a football.

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