Churchill (2017)

There’s some great photography in “Churchill”, gorgeous great big wide shots, gorgeous locations, some gorgeous filmmaking, but good god, the dialogue is bad, the script is flimsy, and the whole thing feels directionless. It retroactively makes me appreciate the stilted “Darkest Hour” more – at least that had narrative focus, mostly. This is an aimless float through more-than-usual fictionalised scenes of Churchill grappling with issues that never get resolved (or even satisfactorily addressed) within the film. At least who won World War 2 is addressed in a very much need title card at the end.


Brian Cox is a great actor but perhaps the direction for him here wasn’t fantastic, as he coasts through a lot of material in tones that never really slide into what it feels like the film was trying to do. A disappointing effort by all. One and a half typewriters, and a cigar.

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