Molly’s Game (2017)

A weightless directorial debut from Aaron Sorkin.

Sorkin’s collaboration with such heavyweights as David Fincher on “The Social Network”, Rob Reiner on “A Few Good Men”, Danny Boyle on “Steve Jobs”, all resulted in such fantastic films, and so much of that came down to those directors tempering Sorkin’s very strong personal style with their own styles. Sorkin by way of Sorkin does not play to his strengths, it just compounds his weaknesses.


The cast does what they can, but Chastain doesn’t get to flex her range as much as you’d expect a vehicle for her like this to let her. The film feels inescapably patronising. The stakes never feel particularly high, or even interesting, but the dialogue is snappy enough a you’d expect. But it’s an unambitious retelling of history, without any of the creativity or vision of Sorkin’s scripts brought to life by better directors. Two chips and a pot.

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