The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017)

A refreshingly traditional western. There’s a bit of narrative tweaking of the western formula in centring the film around a traditional sidekick character you’d find in a western instead of the more traditional hero, but everything else is played so straight that the film stands out in a time of neowesterns and revisionist westerns.


Bill Pullman basically is the film, his kooky performance never sliding too far into being gimmicky or overplayed. The supporting characters around him don’t make too big of a splash, but Pullman and the lovely natural photography around him make for a nice time. Apparently the film was shot in twenty days, and it feels like a very competent, well-executed film for that. There’s no real ambition here but it’s interesting to see a more straightforward western than usually gets made nowadays. Three bullets, and a horse.

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