The Terminal (2004)

Part inspired-by-a-true-story (of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who really did live for years in an airport), part Spielbergian riff on Tati’s “Playtime”, “The Terminal” is a fun, inoffensive Tom Hanks romp with enough absurdity to let it rise slightly above its generic romantic comedy drama nature.

The film is at its best when its prodding the insanity and absurdity of airports and the idea of living in one, the film is still pretty good when it’s just letting Tom Hanks do his thing, the film falls pretty steeply when Spielberg remembers there’s a script to follow and it starts swirling around that typical saccharine melodrama you’d expect from this pairing.


Leaning harder on the absurdity and lighter on the kookiness would have served the film well, but it’s still a pleasant enough time. Three quarters and a green form.

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