Personal Shopper (2016)

An interesting rumination on grief in the guise of a horror film and by ways of examining the role of technology in the modern world (and what that means for modern “ghost stories”).

Kristen Stewart maps a journey from a woman cursed to live a half-life, to avoid feeling anything out of (managed, under-the-surface) fear of it leading to dying the same way her twin brother did, to some level of activity and movement and not pulling back from emotion.


The film does interesting thing sliding between tones, trying out genres and emotions as its protagonist tries out different clothes in her titular profession. The grief drama pulls higher emotions than the horror segments, but most (all besides the techno thriller stuff really) are well executed.

The contrast between the menial and the spiritual was interesting and I wish the film had spent more time on that and less time on the diminished returns of the thriller text conversation scenes. Sometimes the film rides its genre shifts well, but at other times it just feels formless. Three and a half texts, and a broken glass.

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