Pacific Rim (2013)

Guillermo del Toro brings a proper sense of weight to his tribute to kaiju films. His considered visuals and habit of infusing all of his films with such an obvious, identifiable, eclectic sense of style makes the film rise above a lot of the thinness of its genre.

Both the monsters and the gargantuan human-piloted robots used to combat them feel genuinely titanic; their movements and slow and powerful in a way that distinguishes the film from superficially similar films (Transformers and the like). The fight choreography remains understandable and coherent even amongst such absurd and over-the-top action because all the titans move with genuine weight.


del Toro never lets his eye off scale, often finding wonder simply in the sheer size of his creations and how that size might affect even trivial parts of movement and interaction. The weather effects, frequent night settings, distinctive lighting and colour use all give the film a striking look.

Pacific Rim lacks the depth and uniqueness of del Toro’s other films, but his skills and style still display to their fullest. A very well-made addition to the genre. Three and a half Jaegers, and a kaiju.

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