Blockers (2018)

Blockers flips the script not just by dividing equal time to the high-schoolers-seeking-to-lose-their-virginity-on-prom-night and their parents, but by following the teenage girls rather than boys that populate nearly all sex comedies of this type.

The sharp script and excellent cast (John Cena a particular and surprising highlight) make for a fun film in their own right, but the film is surprisingly considered and sex-positive in a way that feels in service to the comedy while still being earnest. The film weaponises buddy-cop pairings to deploy its progressive points for comedic effect, quickly shading in stock characters three-dimensionally in the process.


A nice surprise and strong entry in a stagnant genre, even though it occasionally falls into some of its excesses. Three and a half emojis, and a fedora.

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