On Your Mark (1995)

An animated music video Studio Ghibli made after Hayao Miyazaki was facing writer’s block during development of Princess Mononoke. It follows two policemen’s efforts to rescue an angel in a future sci-fi city, complete with cyberpunk aesthetics, religious cults, nuclear devastation, and so on.


It’s neat to see Ghibli animate something in this style; the city has a nice Blade Runner-esque look. Miyazaki tried to intellectualise the music video a lot, suggesting the angel stood for hope and that all sorts of subtext surrounded how the policemen treat her, but to me the short works a lot better just as a pulpy work of sci-fi anime shlock, where the most meaningful thing the angel achieves is some sort of time travel enabling the short’s second, final ending. Good fun. Three wings and a cult.

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