Mission: Impossible II (2000)

I adore the beginning of this film. Words can’t capture how gloriously, deliriously shlocky it is; a cooly-long-haired Tom Cruise performing an insane free rock climbing sequence at Dead Horse Point in Utah. The strategic whip-off of sunglasses containing a super-spy message. The quip and cut to titles. It’s beautiful.

The rest of the movie doesn’t manage the elegance and brevity of that very, very 2000 insanity, but it comes close at times. Two future Westworld alums, Anthony Hopkins and Thandie Newton, are fun enough, but John Woo wisely understood already that Tom Cruise was the franchise, and panders to his, I suppose apparent ego would be the term?


The Limp Bizkit. The Metallica. The John Woo of it all. The drums doing the theme during the car chase. The video game structure of the plot. The whole movie is so deliriously enjoyable; it’s such a fantastic time, I can’t help grinning through so much of it. You feel drunk watching it stone cold sober because it’s so utterly insane. Three and a half motorbikes and a leather jacket.

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