Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Brad Bird’s breezy entry into live-action, well, action. More similar to its predecessor than any Mission Impossible entry had been previously, but mostly less memorable, if a bit better executed. Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner work great as the supporting cast, and it’s a shame only the latter was brought back.

mission impossible ghost protocol - cinema quad movie poster (3)

Original Cinema Quad Poster; Movie Poster; Film Poster

The Burk Khalifa climbing sequence is a franchise highpoint, and must have been truly impressive in IMAX. The humour works here in a way it didn’t as smoothly in earlier films. There’s potential shlock like Jeremy Renner wearing a magnetic suit to hover above something, but it’s played in kind of a self-aware, understated way that makes it feel a lot more workmanlike than fun. Still, the stunts and locations and memorable and enjoyable, though not as much as the cast. Three magnetic gloves, and a magnetic suit.

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