The Meg (2018)

I missed the first five or so minutes of “The Meg” when I went to see it at the cinema. Not to worry – shortly after I sat down, the sound stopped playing. For the next ten or fifteen minutes, the film was rather enjoyable. Certainly easy enough to understand and fill in the blanks, and little things like being able to visibly see Jason Statham’s accent ever in silence, as well as predicting what sort of banter the characters were engaging in were enjoyable. Then the video started glitching out too, and eventually the film froze outright. Eventually the cinema restarted the film and my viewing commenced properly. The first twenty minutes were a lot less enjoyable when displayed as they were intended.


The film glides along easily enough and is frequently good dumb fun, but it’s overstretched and repetitive as well, and too afraid to really go wild with its a shlock a lot of the time. It’s surprisingly non-bloodthirsty too; no Pirahna-style mayhem here despite what the marketing hinted at. The product placement and international positioning are amusingly centric. The movie doesn’t seem excited about existing but it is intermittently a fun time, usually when Rainn Wilson is on-screen. Two and a half dorsal fins and a surprisingly large cast.

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