Jobs (2013)

A limp, by-the-numbers biopic that looks all the worse for Danny Boyle’s masterful film take on the title character having come out only two years after it. Perhaps this one was rushed into production after Steve Jobs’ death?

The film coasts off actor similarity to real-life figures, the parade of photo contrasts between the actors and real-life figures in the credits the film’s attempt at a victory lap. Yes, the cast does resemble the actual people depicted, but where Ashton Kutcher’s face looks like Steve Jobs’ face, his performance is the most superficial mimicry, whereas Michael Fassabender in Boyle’s 2015 “Steve Jobs” masterfully deployed Jobs’ mannerisms, vocal tics, style of walking, and so on, all the while giving a fully-realised performance that wasn’t just a duplication.


There’s nothing really here. Broad, shmaltzy run-through the most famous moments of Jobs’ life. Very sanitised apart from a token second act downturn. Inessential and unenjoyable apart from some absurd moments of overacting on Kutcher’s part. One iPod, and a lone board.

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