Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)

Where “Battle of Gods” sidelined lifeless stakes-raising and power level nonsense, “Resurrection F” doubles down on it, resurrecting (literally!) elements and characters from the old show and essentially just redoing them – but bigger!

I’m struggling to say anything about the film because it’s such a story-less exercise. Characters change their colour schemes. A lot. Everyone is likable but the film focuses more on the antagonist’s plodding schemes rather than fanservice beats between the good guys, like “Battle of Gods” did.


Said antagonist, for all their fancy new transformations and convoluted tie-ins with the old show, fails to really put much energy into things, because they’d already been so thoroughly dealt with (more than once) in the show, and because the conclusion to the conflict they bring is so clear from the get-go. Raising stakes is meaningless in this sort of franchise. Where is the character? One and a half transformations, and a final form.

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