Revival of Evangelion (1998)

This is simply the interpretive clip-show of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION’s first twenty-four episodes, titled DEATH, compiled with the sequel film/arguable-alternate-ending THE END OF EVANGELION. As far as its own merits go, DEATH is certainly nice contextualisation for the sequel film, and is interesting enough a take on the clip show format that fans beyond completionists might find it worth viewing.

However, watching the actual series itself (including the original finale!) is unquestionably the better experience than treating this as a complete film unto itself. It is a second-watch summary, plus a sequel. Perhaps of interest to completionists (certainly more than the REBIRTH short film, which is basically just the first half-hour of THE END OF EVANGELION), or those wanting a longer viewing experience than just THE END OF EVANGELION after having watched the television series. But not especially important to anyone else.

As far as the first film (of sorts) contained here, DEATH, I reviewed it here – As far as the second film, THE END OF EVANGELION goes, I reviewed it here – For this compilation itself, I don’t especially recommend it unless one wants a jumbo-sized prelude to THE END OF EVANGELION. Three and a half angels, and a penguin.

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