After Hours (1985)

A delightful tale of a night gone wrong, much more overtly a comedy than Scorsese’s other works this offbeat. Griffin Dunne’s performance as Paul Hackett is so enjoyable, he anchors the male castration and eternal workplace drudgery fears of the film with a very likable everyman air.

There’s a great vibe of paranoia and claustrophobia to the proceedings, and a lot of the film seems a kind of nod or pastiche of Hitchcock’s style, most notably in the score, but a lot of the camera movements and offbeat characters too. A good absurd black comedy. Some moments rankle – the sexualisation of a corpse upsets the balance of empathy with the lead, the ending is funny but could have cohered better if the workplace themed had been more developed, some of the ‘episodes’ drag on compared to others – but it’s a strong comic work overall. Three subway tickets, and a paperweight

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