This blog is both for my own music and for reviews I write.

When I finish an album it will go up on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, pretty much everywhere, but here is where I’ll post thoughts and notes on the music, not just the actual music itself.

As for the reviews, I really like writing reviews to process my thoughts and articulate what I thought about what I watched or read. I like having a “catalogue” of my thoughts that I can look back at any time.

I used to write them down just for myself, and I’d be the only one who ever read them. Eventually I discovered two websites for posting reviews, Letterboxd for movies and Goodreads for books, and started using them. I like how these websites work, and their whole layout and process kept me energised about keeping up with writing reviews.

Only thing I disliked was how segmented they are. I like looking back on my reviews to see what I was into at a given time, cataloguing my thoughts and experiences, so I thought a blog, where my reviews would all intermingle in the same place, made sense.

I still log everything with Letterboxd and Goodreads, but I log those same reviews here now as well. I haven’t found any real polished review equivalent for other types of media (like games), so I just host those reviews on this blog alone.


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